Monday, 19 May 2008

Derby Quarter Finals

Fuck me, had a nightmare last while. Not got a penny to my name, and Perth Races didn't help when none of us picked a fucking winner! Was a disaster! And my internet has been off the last 3 or 4 days.

Had my last exam some time last week, can't even remember what day. Had some sort of illness running up to it and was actually touch and go as to whether I made the exam. In the end I ran the risk of shitting my pants in the exam!!!

Thennnnnnnnnn, I couldn't watch the 3rd round of the Greyhound Derby cos the live stream wasn't working on the gf's laptop. Looking at the results I had some hits and some misses and look forward to the Quarter Finals tomorrow (Tuesday).

After cracking out last time Love Tiger seems to have stumbled out in his 3rd round race and failed to qualify when it could only finish a very disappointing 5th. If this dog could trap consistently then it could be a super dog. My dreams of Farley Legend winning at 500/1 ended at this stage too when it could only finish 4th in the same heat. It led til the run in where it lacked a finish and this also happened in a previous round so it could be that 460m is best for this dog.

So, 24 dogs remain at the QF stage and I have 4 still running. Melodys Pat (14/1) and Barnfield Woody (50/1) won their 3rd round heats and now face off in the 2nd QF. Kryptonite (12/1) was headed in the 3rd round by Blonde Dino and runs in the 4th QF on Tuesday. Barnfield Slippy (20/1) runs in the 3rd QF.

Looking at the QF draw I don't like Slippy or Woody's draws and can't say I'm confident of either getting through. Fingers crossed though.

Right, I'm off to find a job. Any suggestions?



The Kenster said...

1. pole dancer
2. streetperson
3. juggler
4. human statue
5. penniless sitar (from moulin rouge)
6. my butler
7. my cook
8. my sidekick, you have to follow everything i say with "yeah, you tell 'em boss" and you have to wear a 'Robin' costume
9. greyhound dog racer owner
10. greyhound trainer
11. horse owner/trainer
12. horse lord
13. dungeon master
14. football hooligan
15. one of the nine ring wraiths
16. reporter for fhm
17. photographer for page 3
18. archeologist
19. fridge manufacturer
20. write a bestselling novel based on the title "how i lost my shoe"
21. ironmonger
22. fishmonger
23. fashionmonger
24. walk backwards for a week and claim to be reversing the effects of time
25. trained killer
26. creating new childrens stories like repunzel(sp) and the three pigs
27. become the new arnold schwarzenegger
28. run for the pope
29. tackle the pope
30. sit on the pope
31. dive into a busy restaurant, wait until all falls silent and calmly say 'testicles' and walk out.
32. run the marathon for money
33. run around the world
34. invent a new planet
35. become the next superhero
36. manufacture your own cheese
37. fill your bath with melted cheese and lie in it, declaring it to be a great work of art.
38. octopus impersonator
39. razzle a dazzle fazzle

The Kenster said...

actually i think i just want to do most of these things

Mountain Man said...

Kenny, you make me chuckle so much sometimes :D

Would love to see you and Scott being "Octopus Impersonators" !

moDtheGod said...

You tell 'em boss!