Sunday, 25 May 2008

Greyhound derby final

Well my hopes were dashed when toosey blue failed to qualify last night. He'd looked awesome before that, including beating the favourite twice to get to the semis.

But all aint lost, i also had a bet on Kryptonite for 16/1 or similar, and he's made the final, being drawn into trap 1. Usually favouring trap 2, I dont think it has much of a chance, but i'll still defo watch it if its on, and cheer it.

Only 6 dogs left, including the favourite still, so all I can say is OTD.

Lets go!


TheHat said...

Indeed, One Time Kryptonite, I'm on at 33/1.

Ukgatsby said...

Hey Up TheHat,

got your message. Yes its 30% and monthly bonus depending on MPPs earnt. Got username. Also need account number.


Ukgatsby said...

should have put a comma in there
30% is given no matter how much you play.

Bonus is dependant on Mpps

£50 for every 1000 mpps
upto a max of £250

then they every other month you can get £100 per month on mpps

Ukgatsby said...

Got number
forwarded details.
Will get back to you when i get the word back from Hills that account is live for RB and bonuses.