Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Lying Low

Well folks, you haven't heard from me for over a week, so I thought I had better break up Dom's mammoth postings with a quick explanation of my whereabouts. With Summer finally here, I took a long Bank Holiday weekend in the Lincolnshire sun watching bike racing at Cadwell Park, which was fun and frolic filled.

Most of last week was also spent playing "Football Manager" in a network game with Dom, and although he has a far superior team, with pots of cash, I have whipped him in all but one (Scots League Cup) competitions we have entered. Long may it continue !!!

Fear not, I will be back continuing my quest to become a low stakes supremo later this week.

Thanks for reading,
Mountain Man


moDtheGod said...

You're ridiculous :D

Look where your team are in real life and look where mine are. I think YOU have the better team.

Tim is jealous of my wheeling and dealing abilities. Anyone who can get £6 million for Lee fucking Naylor deserves some credit - the money I have was all raised by intelligent players sales. Noob!

Ask Scott how well he's doing in our network game... not even going to make the play-offs this year!

TheHat said...

Stop leaving ridic comments please.

Playoffs will be achieved!