Friday, 9 May 2008

May 9th

Well as some of you have noticed, judging by my MSN messages, I haven’t posted today. I’ve not stopped my gambling and I did have bets on today, but I’ve decided to nail the pre-race stuff as I’m not convinced anyone is really reading it anyway. Instead I’m just going to post every few days with an update on my roll and anything interesting that happened. Obviously, if I write any previews of big horse races a la Texperts and the 1000 Guineas, I’ll post them. I will also continue to post stuff on the A- Z game when I find bets that I like and on that note, I am going to have a cheeky point on one of Scott’s dogs for the derby, Farley Legend. I realise the main event isn’t until the end of the month, but I’m struggling to find much else better to punt on for ‘F’ and if I move on to a different letter in the meantime, the bet is still valid.

So, A-Z update:

Greyhound Derby
Farley Legend @ 540 (Betfair)
1 pt

A-Z Total: -12.25 pts
Days passed: 19

Actually, while I’m here, I might as well give a quick update on my real bet bankroll. I placed 5 bets today, 3 x 1pt, 1 2pt and 1 3pt bet. My bigger bets were both at short prices and came in and only one of the 1pt bets won.

“Real” total: 19.34 pts

I’m pleased with how well this is going actually. Here’s some stats from my spreadsheet:

Total bets: 67
Wins: 19
Strike rate: 28.36%
Average matched odds: 4.76
If you’d had exactly £1 on each of my real bets so far, you’d be £2.77 down!
And here’s a cute little chart I made. I’m so sad.


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