Saturday, 24 May 2008

Fuck Me - I Am Stuffed!

Pizza, Doritos and endless caramel shortcake for me today as I attempt, perhaps foolishly, to be at my peak weight on Monday morning. I am absolutely packed and got half a big bag of Chilli Heatwave Doritos left so I've started on the beers to hopefully produce the munchies.

Had a torrid day with a horrendous amount of 2nds in the horses and dogs. Thought New Approach would beat Henrythenavigator, he didn't!

Watching the boxing just now, Matthew Hatton got hammered on points and Maliginaggi is fighting at the moment - tbh it's a bit boring so was flicking over to Britain's Got Talent which proved Britain Doesn't Have Talent. Ricky Hatton should be on at 10ish so hopefully things perk up then. Might watch UFC 84 tonight too.

Probably going to eat a shit load 2moro, scoop!



StalkerB said...

I managed to put on a couple pounds, should be coming in at the 14,1 - 14,3 tomorrow morning.

Might go eat some more now.

Om nom nom nom.

TheHat said...

I'll shit out more than u weigh tomorrow

The Kenster said...

Om nom nom nom, best thing ever. was lolling away there