Thursday, 8 May 2008

Ticking Over Again

After taking a break for a week or so, I resumed my low stakes spree this afternoon with my usual $5 +0.50 NLH Single Table Tournament, and in doing so, continued my run of cashes, but this time whimpering in with a third place, netting $9, and boosting the bankroll to just over $60. Still, it's better than busting out, but it was one of those tournaments where nothing really seemed to go my way, and one where the least deserving player at the table got all the luck (crippling three different chip leaders, no less) and went on to win the tournament.

I doubled up early on in the second blind level, with TT finding my KK on a rag flop, which held true (for once !) and I played virtually no hands until we went down to five way, where I made a small preflop raise with QJs, and was reraised by a minimal amount. Slightly fishy, I called the raise, and on a rainbow flop of Q 3 J I check raised the initial raiser all in. His insta call for the other 1k in his stack (in a pot of around 1340) made me worry slightly, thinking I was up against a set, but instead he showed A K off ! Thankfully, no tens or runners on fourth and fifth street, and we were down to four.

The chip leader was crippled at this stage by the aforementioned clown of the table after his QQ was busted by 66 which made a set after all the money went in before the flop. I attempted to set him all in with my JJ five hands later, and he bit with A J, but of course hit his ace on the flop, and I was down to about 3k in chips.

Minutes later, he was out, the final insult after he fell to the moron whose ducks held true against his kojak. However, with a run of hands which could have made a Lochee post office appear barren on giro day, and increasing blinds and antes, I attempted a steal with 55 from the button. Twat boy called with A7off from the small blind, and a board of 3 6 6 T T saw his ace kicker play, and I was left with 140 in front of me. The glimpse of QQ, which held up, then TT gave me a faint glimmer of hope, but this was to be short lived as the luckbox flicked over KK for my final humiliation.

Oh well, cashed again, so it can't be all bad !

Thanks for reading,
Mountain Man.

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