Monday, 5 May 2008

Back on track

Need to get back on track after a poor day yesterday. Here's what I like:

A-Z Game:

Quite like the look of Equuleus Pictor for an each way bet.

14:35 Windsor
Equuleus Pictor @ 7.1 win, 2.8 place (Betdaq)
0.5 pts e/w
Really good, close race. Half a length split the top 5, mine just missed out on a place in 5th.

Going to include that as a real bet too.

Trying a greyhound now, Scott likes it's chances too which boosts my confidence a bit.

Walthamstow 16:18
Eddies Mobhi (Trap 5) @ 4.4 (Betdaq)
Bah, came third! Will I ever get away fom 'E'?

This is a ridiculous bet to be honest, but I am fed up with 'E':

17:30 Kempton
Expensive Art @ 1.74 (Betdaq)
2 pts
Hahaha! Ridiculous! The odds on favourite loses by a head and I'm destined to stay on 'E' forever!

"Real" Bets:

Taking a few e/w chances today, not that much takes my eye. I'm either going to score spectacularly or whittle away at my roll...

14:10 Curragh
Mastercraftsman @ 6.7 (Betdaq)
1 pt
Bit hesitant when going into the stalls but gave it a strong ride. Managed to get much better odds than the early tissue too, was as high as 7.0 at one point.

14:15 Warwick
Polar Force @ 9.6 win, 2.3 place (Betdaq)
0.5 pts e/w
Doesn't seem to have placed, oh well.

14:35 Windsor
Equuleus Pictor @ 7.1 win, 2.8 place (Betdaq)
0.5 pts e/w
See above.

15:00 Kempton
Our Kes @ 8.5 win, 2.49 place (Betdaq)
1 pt e/w
Delighted with this, thanks go to the RP and ATR for pointing it out to me. I saw 9.3 earlier but couldn't get it, when I eventually got round to it I took 8.5. Official SP was 11/2! Return: 10.99 pts

17:05 Windsor
Shela House @ 4.0 (Betdaq)
1 pt
Didn't see it but it's come third. Shame. Still, a cracking day. If only yesterday hadn't been so shit!

A-Z Total: -15.03 pts
Days passed: 14

“Real” total: 14.79 pts

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