Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Dom's progress report

I run okay just now. I'm on a 4 day winning streak, my longest since I started, a run which has returned 14.18 points. The downside however is that those 14.18 points have come from 15 bets, which is not ideal, only 7 of those 15 won (7/13 to win). Also, I'm not happy that I'm getting back to my old ways - last time I blogged, I'd placed 5 bets and then the next day I placed 6 and that's too much, I need to get back to being more selective and less wasteful with my roll. Sunday and yesterday I placed 2 bets per day, picking a winner each day, which is okay. My overall roll is currently at 27.5 points which is much better than I'd expected it to be.

In the A-Z game, I'm onto 'G' but as I don't fancy Gretna to get anything at Hearts tonight, I'll probably leave that until tomorrow to find something. Not much I like on the nags.

While I'm here, I'll run down my bets for the day (note there are five, which kinda goes against what I said at the start, but I feel pretty strongly about most. I am kinda starting to regret backing Speyside, but let's see what happens)

15:40 Brighton
Prince Valentine @ 4.1 (Betdaq)
Was very unlucky in running, twice tried to make a move and was blocked and by the time it had switched wide, there was maybe half a furlong to run and it was a fair few lengths back with no real chance.

16:30 Yarmouth
Speyside @ 3.65 (Betdaq)
1 pt
Hmm, just out the shower, didn't see it but it's not even placed. Not sure what's going on here!

18:40 Newton Abbot
Rapscallion @ 2.37 (Betdaq)
2 pts
VERY disappointed with this, this was my bet of the day and it's come second, by a long way.

18:50 Great Leighs
Alleviate @ 5.0 (Betdaq)
1 pt
Won easily, which I'm happy with, but it's a bit lame that I could have got 5/1. I had to go to work at 5, so I had to take what was there before I left.

19:50 Great Leighs
Bavarica @ 8.7 win, 2.56 place (Betdaq)
0.5 pts e/w
Just a small value bet this, seemed overpriced. Came 4th, wasn't far wrong. Frustrated though because I chose this over Dado Mush for my e/w bet and that one bloody won (under the awesome Kirsty Milczarek, ofc)

A-Z Total: -10.25 pts
Days passed: 22

“Real” total: 25.5 pts

Looking back, it was obvious that a full post on here spelled the end of my winning run! Very disappointed to only have had one winner out of that lot and to rub salt in, Gretna beat Hearts! Argh! Still, if my bad days only mean a 2 pt loss, I'm happy with that - could have been worse.

Bring on Perth tomorrow!

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TheHat said...

Alleviate wins, actually went off bigger at 5/1.