Wednesday, 14 May 2008

And they're off.............

Well, sort of. Ken has made his way here as we prepare for our second jaunt to Perth in little over a fortnight. Waiting on Scoop Troop member Dom and random dude Gav. Last time was awesome with me picking a sweet 10/1 winner so hoping for some of the same.

Off to crack open a beer but here is my intial selections for tonight's card, one of which seems to be the same as Dom (see below post) which is probably not a good thing:

7.40 - It's Blue Chip

8.10 - Commercial Express

9.10 - Another Burden

One Time,


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Anonymous said...

gonna have to join u guys for this sometime, next time i get time off or something would be epic, i owe u £5 anyways scott so could drop u that at the time. let me know in advance, i'm always showing as offline on msn, but i never log out etc.