Thursday, 8 May 2008

Spunking for Scotland!


Got some money from uni today - just for generally attending. Busto already, through a mix of paying back loans and general spunking.

Down to Gala for the £30 FO again and was going good guns 3 tables out before I ran JJ into 77 on a tawdry flop (containing a 7 obv). Pulled up at the cash game (£1/£1), dropped a bit before trebling up after hitting a set. Spunked that all away - a bit in a fush v. flush hand. General consensus of the table was that I couldn't get away from it, but they are all fish and I'm sure I could. Here is how it played out, opinions please:

It's bumped up to £3.50 in MP and I flat with T9d and both blinds call. Flop comes Kd,8d,3c. Checked round. Turn is 4d. Checked round to me, I fire £8 out. SB insta-raises to £17. The other two get out the way. What now? I call.
River is a blank - black 7 I think. SB fires out his last £40ish. Me? I call and am shown J7d.

Anyways, that was shit and now I'm skint again. Hopefully I can spin some money up from somewhere cos meant to be going to Perth Races again next week.

Wait, I just remembered another cash game hand:

AKc utg, fire it up to £5 - caller in LP - BB makes it £21 and is playing c£80 - back to me? I'm playing like £180 at this point. I pushed, probably a bad play right? Tell me! I'm somewhat of a live cash game n00b.

All but one of my selections are through to the next round of the Derby with my shortest priced selection busting after a poor run. I've added Barnfield Slippy (66/1) and Toosey Blue (40/1). See a few posts down for the rest of my selections.

Night night.


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moDtheGod said...

Was going to ask you to update on the dogs last night but I didn't see you online. Good work. Final is end of this month, right?

Any chance you can give us price updates? Might consider following some of your picks before they get TOO short.