Monday, 26 May 2008

Weight Loss Prop Bet - It Begins!

<<<<<< That's Baz in the blue.

Today is the first day of the weight loss prop bet between me and CrazyBaz. The rules are in a post a few down but it's basically whoever loses the highest percentage of their body weight in 4 weeks wins. The loser ships the winner £75.

Today was weigh-in day and after a weekend full of sitting at home stuffing my face I succeeded in weighing in at my highest ever weight. Baz tipped the scales half a stone lighter. I took a picture of my scales reading and I'll get that up some time when I find the wire for my phone.

TheHat - 14stone7pounds (203pounds).
CrazyBaz - 14stone (196pounds).

Bought myself some fruit to avoid snacking on biscuits or the like and cutting the size of my meals down significantly. Going to give the exercise bike a rattle later on tonight and have already sweated a shitload helping Dom move house today. Was a killer!

My deposit on Ladbrokes ended up in the sports betting for some reason and after a phone call they said there was something wrong with my address so I shipped it out and deposited on Will Hills instead after reading of the great bonuses on UKGatsby's blog. Things started well there but have turned a bit sour today - I'm hoping for a good session later tonight.

Hoping to drop a few pounds this week, wish me luck.



Amatay said...

loooool, genius. Look forward to reading about the prop bet m8

StalkerB said...

So... hungry... need... biscuit... life... fading...everything getting...dark.

Already had a caramel/chocolate rice crispy bar for breakfast :(

This is not going well.

TheHat said...

unlucky n00b, going to own this.

Ukgatsby said...

leave me a comment on blog with an email addy. I wont publish it.

StalkerB said...

You know I've been thinking. You must be fat as fuck if you weigh 14,7. I'm pretty fat and I'm 5' 8", 5' 9" or something, how tall are you? Should you not be dead?

In the case of death you better bequeath me the £75.

Anyway, was 13,13 this morning. I'll put it down to standard deviation as opposed to any miracle weight loss program I'm on.

I also bought diet cakes. Om nom nom nom.

TheHat said...

I always say I'm 5'7", but not sure if that's right.
I've somehow managed to put a pound on over night.

TheHat said...

And yes, I am quite fat.

StalkerB said...

Started a diet diary, cos I'm a huge gay like that.

Reckon I ate about 4000 calories yesterday, that's less than normal, right?

TheHat said...

Yes, 4000 is perfectly normal.

moDtheGod said...

Fat cunts

Anonymous said...

rofl how are u fuckers so fat?!