Tuesday, 13 May 2008

And another thing..

Gonna deposit a modest amount into a site, possibly joining the dwarf on full tilt and I will definately be playing some tournies. Then come june i'll get an even more modest amount of rakeback which is equal to £20 and i can start the cash games thing at pokerheaven again.

On another note - Tim have you deposited yet? Where are you, what are you doing?


Mountain Man said...

Sorry, I've been trying to pick a fight with Trumpton, but he's not biting...;-)

Depositing into Stars tomorrow, just £50 for now (all I can afford) but hoping to build on that obviously. Fancy joining me seek revenge on those bandits who took advantage and robbed this drunken bum ?

Anonymous said...

i cant afford to deposit into stars just now which is a little annoying cause i'm kinda of missing the shitehole. drop me $20 if u get bored though and i'll make millions from it!!!! >.<