Thursday, 22 May 2008

Prop Bet - TheHat v. CrazyBaz

So after my plea for someone to take me on with the weight loss prop bet Barry Smith (aka CrazyBaz) stepped forward. We're going to start from Monday for 4 weeks until the 23rd June. Winner receives £75 from the loser.

We are weighing in on Monday morning and I'll report then with the weights. The winner is the person who the loses the biggest percentage of their body weight. Baz seems super confident and claims he can eat as little as 800 calories in a day normally, fuck that.

Slight beat for me in that I just remembered my graduation is the week before the end of the bet so I'll need to watch the beer intake then. However, I'm still sure I will win. I've popped on a fair bit of weight over the last two months and I'm confident I can get it off. Baz thinks he weighs c.14stone at the moment but we will find out for sure on Monday, whereas I think I weigh a bit more than that at the current time.

Some other news: lost 3 of my 4 dogs in the Derby with only Kryptonite remaining. Massive beat in that I tipped Toosey Blue at 40/1 to Kenny and he is on whereas I didn't back it before it was majorly cut - it's now 2nd favourite with 12 remaining.

Also, made my deposit onto Ladbrokes Poker today and going to have my first cash session tomorrow afternoon. This means I'll have more updates poker related updates in the coming weeks. I'll give my first poker update on Monday along with the start of the prop bet.

Wish me luck in dropping the weight and if anyone has any tips fire away in the comments box or wherever.



Mountain Man said...

As the pair of you live near enough 500 miles apart, who is adjudicating ? In the interests of fairness ?

Otherwise good luck to you is the killer though !

TheHat said...

Baz is a pretty honest guy, I'm sure I trust him not to screw me (out of money).

Mountain Man said...

I wouldn't trust either of you as far as I could throw you ;-)

Nah, I'm sure you'll both be truthful. Keep off the junkfood and the beer both of you though.

The Kenster said...

good luck contestants, and remember: always put the hand brake on in your car, when resting on a steep incline.

TheHat said...

anyone else wanting some action?

over/under weight loss etc

Will Walsh said...

As the folks who know me from the original DUPS will tell you I shifted a couple of stone in a short spell so have one or two hints I can give you if your interested. Worked brilliantly for me.

StalkerB said...

No real secrets.

Don't eat as much/ as much shit and exercise.

Still if you have a magic atkins/ cabbage soup diet let us know :)

Mountain Man said...

I could give you some tips. But taking tips from me on how to lose weight would be as effective as asking a certain Sheep Like chef for tips on improving your poker skills !

Anonymous said...

fuck off, theres no way scotts as big as fat baz.

TheHat said...

will walsh, u use msn? add me and we can discuss details.